Energy saving results achieved at the high cliff Marriott hotel

Energy saving and cost saving results have been successfully achieved for the past two years at the High Cliff Marriott with the use of Green Wing UK technology in the following areas:

Gas – An average gas saving of 20% has been achieved on a separately metered area of the hotel taking degree days and occupancy into consideration.  These results have been monitored, recorded and confirmed by the chief engineer at the hotel. As a consequence, Green Wing have been asked to help other Marriott Hotels within the group across Europe.

Lime scale – A Green Wing magnetic conditioning device was installed on the incoming cold water feed pipe leading into a gas fired hot water tank .  In year one the Green Wing magnetic conditioning device helped dissolve the build up of lime scale and in two years there has been no lime scale build up inside the tank.  This was confirmed by a third party maintenance company who are responsible for the maintenance of the hot water tank.

December 02, 2014